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Students Opinion
Students Opinion Page 1
The following are comments and opinions made by our students who underwent different courses in Ayurveda and Panchakarma
Dear Dr. Rajesh
How wonderful to see you all again for the second time. My Panchakarma treatments this time were wonderful. The staff was warm, caring, and so helpful. I felt well taken care of and as usual very welcome. Thank you very much for your generosity and attention. I hope to see you again next year. All the very best to you in your business and family life.

Alexandra Murman
2172 w sunny side
Chicago IL
606225 – US
Wow what can I say except WOW!!!
You have managed to open my eyes to Ayurveda – it makes so much sense.
I have learnt such a lot in 4 weeks – massage, Panchakarma, Beauty care and Pregnancy & Baby Massage.
The learning environment was relaxed and accommodating. I am now inspired to practice Ayurveda when I go back home. I am sure all my family and friends will enjoy being my guinea pigs!!
Many thanks for your time too and I hope we can stay in touch

Varsh Chouhan
80 Park Road
B11 4# B

Dear Doctors, from our initial contact with you over email you have been so patient and helpful. I have been amazed by the lengths you go to in your desire to see that your students are well looked after in all areas, personal, academically and practically.
I have studied Ayurveda in the US for 2 years. This is my first trip to India and I feel blessed to have found your school.
The course content is comprehensive but taught in a very structured way. The practical sessions cover some wonderful massages – people in the west will love them. It is a good balance of theory and practical experience. Above all you relate to your students in a very personal and helpful way. I feel like I have a new family in India. Thank you & Namaste.

Catuerine Rose
PO Box 743
CA, USA – 96118
Phone: 530 993 6048

Thank you very much for this very interesting 1 month course. I was very happy to learn with you and the way you taught me this amazing medicines based on nature.
I discovered a new world, a new lifestyle, opening my eyes on may things!!!
I hope to be able to use and apply al those wonderful knowledge back home. Thank you for your kindness and hope to meet you all in the near future.

Anne Helene
1 Ave Du General
Le clerc 94700 Maisons

Time flies by and now my head is filled with beautiful impressions and knowledge – much more than I could ever hope to aquire on this journey. Thank you very much for every thing which you were teaching me – I am sue I can use every little bit of all – strongly hoping that we will meet again, if not in this may be in the next journey.
Thank you for spreading the science of life and well being through out the world. It is an important step in the evolution of the mankind and the understanding of each individuals self.
All the best for the future.

Vladi Starkov
401 E 88 th Street
Apt 14 G
New York NY 10128
Dear Doctors
After finishing the one-month course on Ayurveda & Panchakarma last year, which gave me a great knowledge about Ayurveda, I had the desire to learn even more. The diploma course gave me so much more understanding about this healing system. Now I feel very confident to go back to my country and practice Ayurveda, give consultation and decide on treatments and medicine for individual people. Both of you created a wonderful environment to study Ayurveda, your warmth and caring makes me want to come back again and again…
I wish all the best for you and hope I will see you again soon

Ms. Susanne Brunsch
Schwalbenweg zo
12526 Berlin
Thanks for the short period of time in Ayurveda & Panchakarma with you. Its fantastic, interesting and exciting how to use the practical Ayurveda, particularly the massage part that we want to learn. We learned so many different kinds of Ayurvedic massages and it makes me more confident to look for the future. We would also like to thank you for the Videos on the massages, which is very good and will help us to refresh the massage techniques when we go back. Thank you very much and god blesses you all.

Ms. Maya Blanco
25 Av Des Cavaliers

Well what can I say that wasn't already been said?
I have thoroughly enjoyed the one month course on Ayurveda, its presentation, and content. The teaching style was clear and very well structured. I wish you the very best of health and happiness for the future.

Lucca Pizoti
Via Del Terminillo 6
02100, Rieti

Dear Rajesh & Sapna
Thank you for the Amazing course and sharing all your Ayurvedic knowledge for me. It's been all-new for me and I have enjoyed learning all the basic principles and the different types of Ayurvedic treatments.
You guys have been great to work with, very relaxed and caring. Mascot has been a great place to stay, easy environment to study in. This has given me a great base to be able to study Ayurveda further. Wishing you all the best for the future, am sure you will be very successful.

Tiffany Guild
139 old Hautere Road
Te Horo
New Zealand
Wow!!! I can't believe the bus is waiting for me tomorrow and my time with you is coming to a “big ending” what wonders you have shared with us and what a gift it was to learn from you. Thank you very much for your support in studies and in all other areas. It was month of great learning deep discovery. Thanks for all your support and sharing your wonderful family with us.

Arewn Crowston
Box 213
Onanole Manitoba

Dear Dr. Sapna
This time I spent with you was my best time in India!
Thank you very much for your infinite patience, deep knowledge, friendly smile and kind hearts.
I will be back many many times and recommend this Panchakarma course to anyone.
Hoping to come back soon…..

Norma De Castro
Rua Amazonas
AP 102 Salvador
Bahia, Brazil

Dearest Doctors
You are such wonderful people……thanks, thanks, thanks!!!
     Saha na vavatu
     Saha nau bhunaktu
     Saha viryam kara va vahe
Thejaswinavadhita mastu
Ma vidhisha vahe
Ohm shanti, shanti shanty
We grow old the moment we stop learning. The secret of eternal youth is to keep learning.
I cannot add anything to what others already written so nicely.

Anneke Frison
23B St Bernards
Crescent, Edinburgh
EH4 1 NR

First of all thanks for a beautiful course and a wonderful time. I spent a good time here learning a lot, meeting a lot of nice people especially you two. I definitely feel I have gained a lot of useful things, which I would like make use of in my future life. I will be back soon for more knowledge, massage and good times with good people. Something I am looking forward to.

Lars Thrane
Oehlenschlaeger, Sgade 8St. t.h
Kobenhavan, Danmark
1663 V
Phone: + 45 33229548
Les agradesco mucho el davnos la opertunidad de entrar en el mundo del Ayurveda. Fue una experiencia fantastica. El curso me parecio muy completo y el trato fue excellente. Les agradesco por campartir este conocimiento y abrir sus puertas al mundo entero.
Muchas Gracias

Islas, Revillagigedo # 85
Chiluca, Atizapan
52930 edo
Phone +52 5553080008
Thank you so much for the course – I feel thoroughly drenched in Ayurveda and ready for another exploration. Combined with my previous yoga training, Ayurveda has given me a fresh insight into myself and universe. I find it fascinatig that every aspect of our internal make up is found in the universe at large through the 5 elements – no separation.
The course was fascinating and comprehensive although it is something to study through out your entire life. It doesn't stop in the class room – it's a way of living.
Winton Cottage
Chilbolton Hants
Dear Dr. Rajesh
It was a real pleasure to study at your Ayurvedic Center. Thank you for all the excellent training and treatments you have provided us. Your teaching was really good and and clearly structured. I ‘ll only need some time to digest all the knowledge. Thank you once again for a memorable and life changing one month.

Mr. Andrej Toplak
Bosamarin 33
6000 koper
Phone + 38 631243509
The past one month was so rich just so rich, so rich in every thing, in learning so much about such an interesting theme like Ayurveda, in being in a place where one is welcomed with warmth, in the meeting of such nice people that I never forget in my life, in getting the awareness that one can achieving do some thing to spread a unique and fascinating health concept and finally in achieving and enjoying new friendship. At the same time as I feel sorry and sad to leave I feel determined to use the gained knowledge and experience in my work as Physiotherapist.

Ms. Sonja Pirner
Wasser Feldstr 3
A - 5020 Salzburg
PH +43 662 450826
First I like to say thank you for a course, which with its content thorough teachings and practical sessions really has given me more than I could imagine in the beginning. It has opened my eyes & heart towards Ayurveda.
From the moment I decided to join a course on Ayurveda I was worrying a bit of not get enough challenging and inspiring content of the course. But now I must say I am impressed of it all and my teachers…

Thomas Oevsthun
Tverrgaten 13
Bergen Norway – 5017
Dear Doctors, I cant believe a month has gone by – too quickly !!
Thank you for an inspiring course. I am taking a lot away with me and hopfully I will be using it in the near future. I will be telling others about your amazing course and hopefully many more south Africans will be registering in the comming days.

Chantal Taylor
P O Box 41491
Craiehall 2024
South Africa
The course was excellent and interesting. It gave me a good knowledge about Ayurveda and different types of massages. Indeed Ayurvedic treatments and massages have got good affect on our body. I myself have experienced it and it made me more energetic. Ayurveda is way of living and should be taught from the school itself to make our community healthy. I wish these people all the best and hope many people come here to learn this divine knowledge.

Isram Raggoo
Spa Manager
Hote Le Prince Mourice
Choisy Road
Poste De Flacq
You are the supporters of a wonderful knowledge and thank you to help me to combine yoga that I was learning since many years and Ayurveda. I know that during one month you can only reach the first step of this vast science, but I hope what I have learned with you can be applied in my daily life too…… God bless you all.

Ms. Jorez Nelly (Jaya)
6 place liberte
97490 sclotildae
Reunion island
The course was very informative and taught me a lot about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic massages. The massage techniques were interesting and different from other massages i learned earlier. I will definitely come again to learn more.

1482 , Lorong selasih 5/3 ,
Taman Selasih.

Dear Doctors
Time flies, we are already 1 st of 2005. I am happy that I spent my last month of 2004 in your school. There could have been no way of ending this year 2004 than by studying the science of life for 2005. I will try to balance my doshas and precise the massages you have taught me.
I am grateful that you introduced me into Ayurveda. Both of you are wonderful teachers and I wishing you many students this year and also a long holiday after all the heard work.
I will tell the Belgians to come to Kannur.

Jan De Hane
Lombeeksestr 32
1750 Lennik


Dear Dr. Sapna
Time flies so fast 1
Thank you for leading me to get much information about things exactly what I wanted to know. I am so satisfied learning about 100% natural science and also new bodywork.
I have learned a lot more than I expected – yoga, beauty class, pregnant massage, baby care, reikie – all of them are so useful things and practical.
I am full now and need some time to digest all that I have learned in short period of time. But I know that I have the key to open this heavy door towards a new world. Now I am ready to open it and try to walk step by step by my self with your support.

Nao Ando
1-1-13 Nakshirane
Asahiku – Yokohama
Japan 241 – 0004

It is amazing to discover the preciousness of Ayurveda, thank you very much. Your care and friendliness are overwhelmed, I am really grateful. I have enjoyed the theory and practical sessions very much. Thank you once again and all the best for the future.

Waree Ploypetmanee
53/10 gukhumvit 46
Rama 4 Prakanong
Bangkok 10110


Dear Doctors
It was instructive and informative, more tan I thought to actually to take with you personally. Although the notes of the distant learning course on internet were very good, actually training with you was most valuable.
It was also nice to take other courses and you excelled in those too, those yoga and beauty courses. I look forward to take more courses with you such a infant and pregnancy care and infant massage.
This Ayurveda is really a change of life style towards the healthy and better life and being exposed to its practicalities and being in India was most wonderful. Last but not least your staff also instructed me well and were most professional and courteous.
Your personal touch making me feel as if I am part of your family was really wonderful and heart warming. I thank you once again and never forget your effort, trust and excellent instruction.

Nada Ahmad Al Hasawi
PO Box 3923
Kuwait - 40191


I really enjoyed your classes and the way you teached and the way you did every thing to make us feel comfortable. I would love to come for one month again and spend time for Panchakarma Treatments. I already taste a little treatment of Shirodhara and it was fantastic. My doshas fee so much balance now. I wish your team all the very best……….

Dr. Tanuja Abeynayake
No 1 Kekatheya
Mawatha Rathalana Sri Lanka

Hi friends
We really enjoyed the course learned many Ayurveda treatments during our short stay at the center. Thanks for the effort that you put in o coordinating the course and again for helping us all to feel comfortable. Now we have small sense of belonging in Kannur for the short time which w were here.

Sandra & Pedro
Paseo Del Nardo # 1
ZC 08190

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