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Recently we have also included CHAVITTI UZHICHIL (Ayurvedic Feet Massage - Massage with Feet) in the 1 month training program on Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma Therapy (AMPT). Now onwards students of AMPT Course can learn this massage along with their one-month program on Ayurveda & Panchakarma.

Ayurvedic Feet Massage (CHAVITTI UZHICHIL) is widely practiced in Kalari (Place where people learn a martial art form known as Kalari) all over Kerala. In this massage foot is used to massage the client instead of the hands. It takes some time to master this unique form of Massage which is found to be very helpful for improving body flexibility, preservation of the health and body rejuvenation. It also protects and revitalizes the MARMAS, vital energy points in the body, which intern energize the whole body. Ayurvedic Feet Massage, given preferably the day before any form of strenuous or prolonged exercise, will condition the body and help to prepare it for the coming exertion. After muscular activity Marma massage helps to drain away metabolic waste and relaxes tired muscles.


From June - 2006 onwards students will also get a set of Tutorial Videos (12 video Titles) Free when they enroll for the Distant Learning Program. This package contains a set of 12 DVDs / VCDs (Video Compact Discs), which will be of a great help in the process of learning Ayurvedic Massages. This video explains various Ayurvedic Massages with High Quality Digital Videos and Narrations. There are sub titles also where ever needed which helps students to learn these massages effortlessly. The normal price of this video package is US $140 if you buy it separate. For more details of these video titles please see our MASSAGE VIDEOS section.

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