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Welcome to our video section, just relax and take a little time to learn details of various Tutorial Videos on Ayurvedic Massages which we are offering.

We have some of the best tools available in the market to learn Ayurvedic massages and Panchakarma Therapy for experienced practitioners and beginners alike. Our videos and study materials can teach you the techniques covering all aspects of Ayurvedic massage and Ayurvedic Treatments. With the help of our Tutorial Videos you can learn Ayurvedic Massages and improve your life and help others to feel well. It could also help qualified practitioners to improve their skills in Ayurvedic Massages. These videos are designed to help you learn various Ayurvedic massages with step-by-step instructions. The techniques are clearly demonstrated with high quality digital videos showing various massage strokes from different angles, accompanied with background narrations and relevant subtitles.

Now browse through our comprehensive collection of Tutorial Videos on Ayurvedic Massages and we are confident that you will find it very interesting.

This introductory video on Ayurveda & Panchakarma is the first of our series of media products which we have developed for our students. This video will give you an understanding of the basic principles of Ayurveda & Panchakarma along with the understanding of the various massages. This video contains high quality video clips of various massages, background narrations and relevant subtitles. Total duration of this video is 60 Minutes.

For the first time we are revealing the secrets of Kalari Marma Massage practiced by few Kalari Masters of Northern Kerala. This unique massage form has been developed from Kalari (The martial art of Kerala). Kalari Marma Massage helps to strengthen the muscles, joints and ligaments. This massage also improves your body flexibility and energy level.

Kalari Marma massage is based on the concept of Marmas (the vital energy points of the body where life energy is concentrated). According to Ayurveda there are 107 Marma points in the body which has to be protected and energized to have a healthy life. Kalari Marma Massage helps to protect and energize these Marma points and intern the clients will have a healthy life.

This video demonstrates all aspects of the Kalari Marma Massage and help you to learn it in an easily understandable method. Total duration of this video is 56 Minutes.
This is another form of Kalari Marma Massage where the therapist performs the massage with his foot. Here the therapist balances his body weight with the help of a rope which is attached to the ceiling. Chavitti Uzhichil is more suitable for people with strong muscular body like sports people. All the 34 strokes of this massage has been demonstrated clearly with shots from different angles. Students could master this massage with the help of this video. The total duration of this video is 58 Minutes.
This is one of the most popular massages in Ayurveda. The advantage of this massage technique is that you can easily practice them almost anywhere as the receiver does not need to remove their clothes. The client receives the massage in the sitting posture. Most people can become very tense in their upper body and this could lead in many cases to tension headaches, stiff and achy shoulders and neck, hampered nervous conductivity and blood circulation to the head resulting in poor concentration, weak memory and so forth. By relaxing the shoulders and neck we can give instant relief and improve people's well-being in most situations. This video demonstrates the Ayurvedic Head Massage and the total duration is 40 minutes.
Abhyanga is one of the widely practiced forms of Ayurvedic massages used for relaxation and body rejuvenation. This massage is also used as a sudation method in preparatory procedure prior to the administration of Panchakarma. The strokes of this massage are explained with sufficient video footages and narrations in an easily understandable manner. Total duration of this video is 63 Minutes.
Shirodhara is another popular therapy in Ayurveda which is some what synonymous with Ayurveda. Now days Shirodahara is widely practiced world over due to its ability to de-stress the mind and rejuvenate the body. This video explains all the important factors and arrangements required for the Shirodahara, like preparation of the dhara pot and its set up, selection of the oils and other ingredients, etc.
Total duration of this video is 30 Minutes.
This is one of the specialized massages from Ayurveda which is performed with small cloth bags filled with powdered herbs. This type of massage is very helpful in cases of arthritis, low back ache, sciatica, etc. (please see the link – Ayurvedic Bodyworks – for more details of Podikizhi). This video also explains the preparation, ingredients, procedure and the benefits of this masage. Total duration of this video is 62 Minutes.
This massage is useful in both general Ayurvedic treatments and Beauty treatments. It helps to melt away toxins and impurities accumulated under the skin and is very beneficial in most of the common problems of facial skin like Acne, hyper pigmentations, wrinkles, etc. Ayurvedic Face Massage can be mastered with the help of this video and can be used for treating your friends and family members. Total duration of this video is 30 Minutes.
This is another form of the bolus bag method which is performed with medicated rice. Here medicated rice is used for the massage which is kept inside the cloth bags and is very affective for providing good nourishment to the body tissues. This video shows and explains all the procedures and perpetrations involved in this massage. Total duration of this video is 68 Minutes.
This is the third form of the bolus bag method from Ayurvedic masages similar to the Podikizhi. In this massage medicinal leaves are used instead of herbal powders. It is very affective in arthritis and other joint problems. This video also features various procedures involved like preparation, ingredients, procedure, benefits, etc. Total duration of this video is 70 Minutes.

Udhwarthanam is a kind of dry powder massage used for weight reduction in obese people. This massage is also helpful in improving the skin complexion. This video features all the processes involve like preparation, ingredients, procedure, benefits, etc. Total duration of this video is 59 Minutes.

Pizhichil is one of the best Ayurvedic Body Treatment suitable for body rejuvenation and is often referred as royal treatment. In this massage herbal oils are used to pour all over the body in a rhythmic manner followed by a gentle massage. You can learn all the procedures involved in Pizhichil with the help of this video. Total duration of this video is 50 minutes.
This video explains details of a local treatment which is very affective for the treatments of back problems, like low back ache, sciatica, slipped disc, Lumbar Spondylosis, etc. This video will help you to learn and perform Kadee vasti which simple yet affective treatment for all back problems. Total duration of this video is 20 minutes.
Greeva vasti is also very much similar to the Kadeevasti treatment but is used for treating the problems of the neck and upper limb. Common problems like frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, neck pain, etc can be affectively treated with this local treatment. This video will help you to learn and perform Kadee Vasti treatment. Total duration of this video is 20 minutes.
Netra Vasi (Netra Tarpanam) is another affective treatment used for treating various eye problems like short sight, long sight, drooping of the eye lids, etc. This video provides all the relevant information regarding this treatment. Total duration of this video is 20 Minutes.

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Now we are developing a series of 20 videos which covers the whole theory sessions of the Ayurvedic Massage & Panchakarma Therapy Course (AMPT). This video is infact the actual class room recording of the lectures given by Dr. Sapna for the students. If you combine this video series with the Tutorial video package then it will be and excellent combination giving you the complete understanding of basic principles of Ayurveda and Panchakarma. Infact it will be some what like attending the AMPT course with out coming to our center. Please note that these videos were recorded from the actual classrooms and will give you a feeling of attending the training program. It also includes the various questions asked by the students which will give you the feeling of attending the actual classroom session.

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